Metrics that Matter for your Systems

Here are some of the metrics we've found to be the most effective in optimizing a system:

The Metrics

How long does it take...

For each important part of the system, how long to...

Of all the important parts of the system, what percentage are...

What is the percentage of...

Why they're awesome

You know what's really great about using these metrics? They force us to do the right things in order to improve them.

Each metric is generally improved by one of these:

You'll notice that the metrics don't measure anything about how "cool" the technologies are or how well they allow the engineers to show off their super-genius skills. All we care about is optimizing your business value so that your company can meet its goals as fast as possible.

While your competitors mindlessly throw money and engineers at their systems (HUGE mistake), you can achieve much better results by thoughtfully Simplifying, Automating, Documenting, Monitoring, and Securing your systems.

Original: 08 Sep 2013

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