Ansible Weekly: Borg Cow says: You will be assimooolated.

Jan 23, 2014 - Issue 16

We reached 800 subscribers today!

From AnsibleWorks

Ansible "Mini" Fest in Austin on March 6
Interested in speaking? Send a paragraph abstract for your talk to [email protected] by Feb 14.


Integrating Google Compute Engine and Ansible (Part 1)
by Sharif Salah

Nodejs, Ansible, and CloudStack Deployment
by Antone Heyward

Sync Hacks: Setting up BitTorrent Sync with Ansible
by Franck Cuny

Server Provisioning CentOS with Ansible
by Scott Burlington

Ansible and PF, Plus NTP
by Michael Lucas


An Introduction to Ansible
by Anand Buddhdev

Community Code

Module to Send SMS Notifications
by Matt Makai

Dump all vars in Ansible
by Lester Wade

node-ansible: Ansible via Node.js
by Shahar Kedar


Intro to Python & Automation for Network Engineers
by Ethan Banks with Jeremy Schulman and John Deatherage



Jan 23, Boulder, CO > First Meeting + Ansible Overview

Feb 5, Boston, MA > Adventures with AWS, Ansible, and Vagrant

Feb 18, San Francisco, CA > Benchmarking, Autoscaling, Deployment Automation

Mar 6, Austin, TX > Ansible "Mini" Fest

Mar 12, Philadelphia, PA > Tools for Automating Modern Systems


Jan 23, London, UK > European CloudStack user group

Jan 25, Edegem, Belgium > Ansible: Orchestrate your Infrastructure

Feb 3-4, Gent Belgium > Config Management Camp

Feb 27, Oslo, Norway > Responsible with Ansible

Feb 27, Lausanne, Switzerland > Ansible, FPM and Open-Space Talks

Mar 12, Exeter, UK > Using Ansible to Deploy Apps and Systems


Feb 11, Melbourne, Australia > Infracoders February Meetup

Feb 21, Sydney, Australia > Ansible - Your First Step into Server Provisioning

New in Ansible

Ansible now supports su as an alternative to sudo:

Basic usage is similar to sudo:

- hosts:
  gather_facts: False
  su: yes
  su_user: root
    - shell: whoami

Or pass as command line parameters:

ansible-playbook --su --su-user=root --ask-su-pass -i inventory site.yml

For details on the 1.5 "Love Walks In" release, see the CHANGELOG.


Via Weston Platter @westonplatter

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