Ansible Weekly: Borg Cow says: You will be assimooolated.

Feb 13, 2014 - Issue 19


Installing and Building Docker with Ansible
by Michael DeHaan

Ansible & Docker - The Path to Continuous Delivery
by Gerhard Lazu

Install the missing sshpass on OSX Mavericks
by James Thorne

Digital Ocean: Install and Configure Ansible on Ubuntu 12.04
by Justin Ellingwood

Digital Ocean: Create Ansible Playbooks to Automate System Config
by Justin Ellingwood

Getting a File from a Samba Server in an Ansible Playbook
by Server

Mass Deploying and Updating Suricata IDPS with Ansible
by Peter Manev

Community Code

Introducing Battleschool (for managing your local OSX)
by Spencer Gibb

Sovereign: Build and Maintain your Own Private Cloud
by Alex Payne (not a new project, but great continual updates!)


Modelling Infrastructure with Ansible Inventory Data
by Serge van Ginderachter

From Ansible, Inc.

Tower 1.4.5 (formerly AWX) Released
by Michael DeHaan

Upcoming in Ansible

For details on the 1.5 "Love Walks In" release, see the CHANGELOG.


North America

Feb 18, San Francisco, CA > Benchmarking, Autoscaling, Deployment Automation

Mar 6, Austin, TX > Ansible "Mini" Fest

Mar 12, Philadelphia, PA > Tools for Automating Modern Systems


Feb 17, Brighton, UK > Vagrant and Ansible

Feb 27, Oslo, Norway > Responsible with Ansible

Feb 27, Lausanne, Switzerland > Ansible, FPM and Open-Space Talks

Feb 27, Göteborg, Sweden > Get to Know Everyone

Mar 12, Exeter, UK > Using Ansible to Deploy Apps and Systems

March 12, Bergen, Norway Responsible with Ansible

March 18, Brighton, UK > Ansible Workshop: A hands-on session


Feb 21, Sydney > Ansible - Your First Step into Server Provisioning


By Mark Phillips

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