Ansible Weekly: Borg Cow says: You will be assimooolated.

Feb 20, 2014 - Issue 20


Ansible Vault Allows Keeping Encrypted Data in Playbooks
by Michael DeHaan

Ansible & Docker bringing back Simplicity & Power
by Amin Jams

Ansible Playbooks for Drupal 8 Testing and Mac Dev
by Jeff Geerling

First Steps with Ansible
by Roland Wolters

Working with Ansible
by Drew Wilson

Automating Apache Cloudstack Deployments with Ansible
by Antone Heyward

How to Deploy Rails Applications Using Ansible and Mina
by Vexor

Demonstration of Ansible Features with Control & Test VMs
by Jakub Holy


Laravel in your Pocket
by Paulus Esterhazy

From Ansible, Inc.

New: Academic Pricing for Ansible Software Subscriptions

Upcoming in Ansible

For details on the 1.5 "Love Walks In" release, see the CHANGELOG.


North America

Mar 6, Austin, TX > Ansible "Mini" Fest

Mar 12, Philadelphia, PA > Tools for Automating Modern Systems


Feb 27, Oslo, Norway > Responsible with Ansible

Feb 27, Lausanne, Switzerland > Ansible, FPM and Open-Space Talks

Feb 27, Göteborg, Sweden > Get to Know Everyone

March 3, Bournemouth, UK > PHP Dorset March Meetup

March 12, Bergen, Norway > Responsible with Ansible

March 18, Brighton, UK > Ansible Workshop: A hands-on session


Feb 21, Sydney > Ansible - Your First Step into Server Provisioning


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