Ansible Weekly: Borg Cow says: You will be assimooolated.

March 5, 2014 - Issue 22

First, Ansible 1.5 is out with many exciting additions!

Second, a special request for those who are attending the mini-fest in Austin tomorrow - please send me slides, pics, etc so I can add them to next week's newsletter :)


Ansible 1.5 Released
by Michael DeHaan

Statserver: Setting up Monitoring & Statistics with Ansible
by Daan Debie

Deploying SSL Keys Securely with Ansible
by Viktor Charypar

Installing Graylog2 Logging Server with Ansible and Configure Rails
by Stefan Wienert

Ansible Troubleshooting Tips
by Jakub Holý

Automating iptables with Ansible: Part 3
by Aaron

Changing Linux Kernel Parameters with Ansible
by Aaron


Ansible – Tighten your Quality Feedback Loop
by Stéphan Mestach

DevOps in a Regulated World - aka 'Ansible, AWS, and Jenkins'
by Robert McLeay


Devops Montreal - Ansible Getting Started

From Ansible, Inc.

SSH pipelining in Ansible 1.5

Web docs for Ansible Vault are now live

Ansible Tower is now available in the AWS Marketplace

Upcoming in Ansible

Major features/changes:

New Modules:

For details on the 1.6 "And the Cradle Will Rock" release, see the CHANGELOG.


North America

Mar 6, Austin, TX > Ansible "Mini" Fest

Mar 12, Philadelphia, PA > Tools for Automating Modern Systems

March 20, Durham, NC > Ansible User Meetup

May 3,New Brunswick, NJ > Using Ansible to Fill the Gaps Left Over from Puppet and mCollective

May 21, Broomfield, CO > How Ansible Makes Automation Easy

May 21, Broomfield, CO > Why Docker + Ansible make Chef and Puppet 100% Unnecessary


March 6, Paris, France > Paris DevOps Meetup #23

March 12, Bergen, Norway > Responsible with Ansible

March 12, Dix's Field, UK > Using Ansible to deploy apps and systems

March 13, Lyon, France > OpenStack Rhône-Alpes Meet-up #3: Vers Icehouse

March 18, Brighton, UK > Ansible Workshop: A hands-on session


Via Ansible

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