Ansible Weekly: Borg Cow says: You will be assimooolated.

April 10, 2014 - Issue 27

From Ansible, Inc.

April 29th:
Official Online Training: Intro to Ansible

Ansible Tower 1.4.8: Scheduled Actions & Vault
by Michael DeHaan

Fixing Heartbleed with Ansible
by Michael DeHaan


Human-Readable Ansible Playbook Log Output using Callback Plugin
by Cliffano Subagio

Using Ansible to Set Up a Rails Deployment Environment
by Jesse Buchanan

How to Deploy Encrypted Copies of your SSL Keys and other Files
by Jonathan Calazan

Ceph Maintenance with Ansible
by Sebastien Han

Using Virtualenv Python in Local Ansible
by Matt Behrens

Running Ansible on Windows
by Alan Chalmers

Lazy File Building with Ansible (for Dockerfiles)
by Ahti Kitsik

How do Your Servers Talk to You?
by Jan-Piet Mens

Community Code

Playbook to Patch OpenSSL
by Julien Dauphant


Ansible Why and How I Use It
by Ton Kersten (slides)

Ansible Updates

New Modules:

Other changes:

For details on the 1.6 "And the Cradle Will Rock" release, see the CHANGELOG.



April 10, Raleigh, NC > TriLUG April 10 Meeting: Ansible

April 10, Denver, CO > How to Manage your CentOS Infrastructure with Ansible

May 3, New Brunswick, NJ > Using Ansible to Fill the Gaps Left Over from Puppet and mCollective

May 9, Orem, UT > OpenWest 2014 Conference: Dominate your systems universe with Ansible

May 19, New York, NY > Achieving Zero Downtime Rolling Updates with Ansible

May 20, New York, NY > AnsibleFest NYC 2014

May 21, Broomfield, CO > How Ansible Makes Automation Easy

May 21, Broomfield, CO > Why Docker + Ansible make Chef and Puppet 100% Unnecessary

June 19, Reston, VA, > Ansible Configuration Management


April 11, Montreal > Ansible - Python-Powered Radically Simple IT Automation

April 12, Montreal > Upgrade your Web Development Toolchain


April 15, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK > PHPNE: Ansible for your Production Environment

May 22, Amsterdam, Netherlands > Ansible: Orchestrate your Infrastructure

June 26-27, Amsterdam, Netherlands > Ansible: Orchestrate your Infrastructure

June 30, Cologne, Germany > Virtuelle Umgebungen mit Vagrant, Docker und Ansible


April 15, Richmond > Vagrant and Ansible, Oauth, and a Quick Peek at PHP 5.6


Via Ollivier Robert

/ Damn you @ansible now, every time I need \
| to do admin stuff, I think "how do I     |
| turn this into a playbook?... :)         |
\ great job guys                           /
         \   ^__^ 
          \  (oo)\_______
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