Ansible Weekly: Borg Cow says: You will be assimooolated.

April 24, 2014 - Issue 29


Rolling Deployments with Ansible and Cloud Load Balancers
by Jesse Keating

How I Fully Automated OS X Provisioning with Ansible
by Daniel Jaouen

Ansible Manage the Same Users Across Servers with Different Passwords
by James W Thorne

Writing an Ansible Module Using PHP
by Michael Heap

Centralized Ansible Management with Knocd + Auto-Provisioning with AWS
by Josh Johnson

Ansible: How to Deploy Host Definitions on Icinga with Jinja Loops
by Valentino Gagliardi

Practical Continuous Deployment
by Steve Smith

Good Read

Docker is awesome.

However, there are some misconceptions around what it can do for you. Some developers think it will let them bypass learning basic systems management. Perhaps that's true for simple local development environments, but for real-life production scenarios, Docker is an optimization that requires pro-level systems skills.

That may change as it becomes more mature, but for now, developers and budding systems engineers need to first build their skills with tools like Ansible before they attempt Docker production scenarios.

Here's a great explanation for newbies:

What is Docker and When to Use It
by Lucas Carlson


Google Hangouts Session: Solving IT automation simply, with Ansible
by Rackspace

Ansible Updates

Release 1.5.5 - contains 2 small security updates

Upcoming in 1.6

Accelerate improvements:

New module:

Other changes:

For details on the 1.6 "And the Cradle Will Rock" release, see the CHANGELOG.


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Ansible, Inc.

April 29, Official Online Training > Introduction to Ansible

May 20, New York, NY > AnsibleFest NYC 2014

North America

April 30, Kelowna, Canada > #devKL - Intro to Automation with Ansible

May 3, New Brunswick, NJ > Using Ansible to Fill the Gaps Left Over from Puppet and mCollective

May 9, Orem, UT > OpenWest 2014 Conference: Dominate Your Systems Universe with Ansible

May 19, New York, NY > Achieving Zero Downtime Rolling Updates with Ansible

May 21, Broomfield, CO > How Ansible Makes Automation Easy

May 21, Broomfield, CO > Why Docker + Ansible make Chef and Puppet 100% Unnecessary

June 19, Reston, VA, > Ansible Configuration Management


April 26, Moscow, Russia > CM Systems Fight

April 29, Berlin, Germany > Berlin DevOps 2014-04

May 22, Madrid, Spain > Charla de Mayo 2014: "Introducción a Ansible"

May 22, Amsterdam, Netherlands > Ansible: Orchestrate your Infrastructure

June 26-27, Amsterdam, Netherlands > Ansible: Orchestrate your Infrastructure

June 30, Cologne, Germany > Virtuelle Umgebungen mit Vagrant, Docker und Ansible


Via Harish Narayanan

/ In the next weeks, my plan is to use   \
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| job...Hmm... maybe I should think that |
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