Ansible Weekly: Borg Cow says: You will be assimooolated.

Oct 10, 2013 - Issue 3

Is there an über-pedantic guy or gal in your life that loves hip auto-tune songs of RFC docs? Then you might want to share this with them: RFC 2119 (audio via soundcloud)


Oct 17-18, NYC > DevOps Days [Sold out, waiting list only]

Oct 22, San Francisco > AnsibleFest
Only 2 weeks left! Don't miss out, get tickets now while you still can.

Oct 25, Vancouver > DevOps Days

Nov 3, Washington DC > LISA

Nov 12, Las Vegas > AWS re:Invent


Puppet vs Chef vs Ansible
"Ansible. Oh how I wish I’d not been introduced to Ansible. Because now I can’t think about doing CM with anything else." By Mark Phillips

Ansible orchestration is a veteran Unix admin's dream
By InfoWorld / Paul Venezia. Walks through a basic introduction to Ansible. "The long and the short of Ansible is that it's extremely lithe and extremely simple to set up and get running." (Registration required to read article.)

Vim YAML highlighting for ansible
Scroll half-way down for the Vim specifics. By Stefan Wienert

Talk Deck

Vagrant and Ansible
Also, here is the code from the presentation. By Michael Heap

New in Ansible

Ansible 1.3.3 is now available on PyPi.

For more on the features upcoming in the 1.4 "Could This Be Magic" release, see the devel branch's CHANGELOG.

Community Code

Google Compute Engine modules and inventory plugin
Pull request from Google's Eric Johnson to add GCE functionality.

Interactive shell for ansible built-in tab completion for all the modules. From dominis.

Firefox Sync
Setup a personal sync server for your Firefox bookmarks, history, etc. From Alfredo Deza.

Local OSX Management
Very early, but promising project from Daniel Jaouen.


"is it DevOps yet?" ... "it's DevOps somewhere" -IRC

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