Ansible Weekly: Borg Cow says: You will be assimooolated.

May 29, 2014 - Issue 34

Sponsored by the new edition of...

"Taste Test: Puppet, Chef, SaltStack, Ansible"

         This is the book that introduced me to Ansible and inspired Ansible Weekly.

      If you'd like any help convincing your employer (or others) to use Ansible, this is the book to get - Ansible is the clear winner for usability, security, and more.


Testing Strategies
by Ansible, Inc.

Debugging Ansible for Fun and No Profit
by Will Thames

An Example of Provisioning and Deployment with Ansible
by Stavros Korokithakis

Using Ansible to Configure your Ruby App Servers and Deploy your Ruby Gems
by Jeroen Serpieters

The State of Ansible a Year after the Project's Creation
Rob Marvin

Move Fast and Don’t Break Things! Testing with Jenkins, Ansible and Docker
by Mike Muzurakis

Testing Ansible Roles with Travis CI on GitHub
by Server

Compile and Install Nagios with Ansible
by Patrick Ogenstad

Development Environments with Vagrant and Ansible
by Daniel Groves

Comparison Grid for Ansible / SaltStack / Chef / Puppet
by Matt Jaynes

For Beginners

Five Tips for Ansible Newbies
by Mark Phillips

Community Code

Ansible Inventory Grapher
by Will Thames


DrupalCamp Finland 2014: Using Drupal with Ansible
by Janne Cederberg & Juho Viitasalo (42 min)

Ansible Updates

1.7 "Summer Nights" - Active Development

Ansible 1.6 recently released. To see the full list of features, fixes, etc, see the CHANGELOG.


North America

May 29-30, Pittsburgh, PA > DevOpsDays Pittsburgh n'at!

May 30, Detroit, MI > Hello Ansible: A Story About Infrastructure Agility

June 3, Seattle, WA > Lightning Talks - Ansible + GCE Demo

June 3, Saint Louis, MO > James Cammarata on Ansible

June 5, Austin, TX > Ansible for Drupal Deployment Victory!

June 19, Reston, VA, > Ansible Configuration Management


June 10, Amersfoort, Netherlands > PHPAmersfoort June 2014 Meetup

June 19, Lausanne, Switzerland > René Moser on Ansible

June 26, Amsterdam, Netherlands > Ansible: Orchestrate your Infrastructure

June 27, Amsterdam, Netherlands > Ansible: Orchestrate your Infrastructure

June 30, Cologne, Germany > Virtuelle Umgebungen mit Vagrant, Docker und Ansible


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