Ansible Weekly: Borg Cow says: You will be assimooolated.

July 24, 2014 - Issue 42


Ansible is the top "Adopt" project in Tools Category
by ThoughtWorks

Building HA Clusters with Ansible and Openstack
by Remy van Elst

Ansible AWS Lookup Plugins
by Dean Wilson (also see discussion with MDH)

How to Setup a Digital Ocean Droplet with Ansible
by Joeri Timmermans

Lightweight Provisioning of Maven Artifacts using Ansible in a VirtualBox
by Mario-Leander Reimer

Ansible is Learning Windows
by João Miranda

For Beginners

Getting Started with Ansible, Part 4: Ansible Tower
by Tom O'Connor

Using Vagrant to Explore Ansible
by Daniel Watrous


Scaling with Ansible
by Federico Marani

Ansible Updates

The New Ansible Tower Command Line Tool
by Michael DeHaan

1.7 "Summer Nights" - Active Development

1.6.8 "And the Cradle Will Rock"

1.6.7 "And the Cradle Will Rock"

For more details, see the CHANGELOG.


Ansible, Inc.

October 14, San Francisco, CA > AnsibleFest 2014 San Francisco

North America

July 30, Austin, TX > Ansible Meetup

August 7, Irvine, CA > All about Fabric and Ansible

August 7, Seattle, WA > Seattle Ansible Meetup


September 11, London, UK > Inaugural London Ansible Meetup

October 14, Zagreb, Croatia > WebCamp Zagreb 2014: Ansible, just orchestrate it

November 10–12, Mannheim, Germany > Continuous Lifecycle 2014: Automatisieren mit Ansible


July 27, Mumbai, India > July MTP : DevOps Special

Middle East

July 24, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel > Ansible Workshop


Via Marcos Sandoval

/ After shooting myself in the foot and  \
| seeing what I did wrong, I learned one |
\ thing: Ansible is awesome.             /
         \   ^__^ 
          \  (oo)\_______
             (__)\       )\/\
                 ||----w |
                 ||     ||