Ansible Weekly: Borg Cow says: You will be assimooolated.

August 21, 2014 - Issue 46


For a Few Ansible Modules More
by Joseph Kahn

Audit RHEL/CentOS 6 Security Benchmarks with Ansible
by Major Hayden

Provision and Configure OpenStack Instances in One Ansible Run
by Curtis

Deploy a Logs Management Infrastructure (Elasticsearch+Kibana+Fluentd) with Ansible
by Pierre Mavro

Creating a Virtual Machine at DigitalOcean and Installing the Dependencies using Vagrant and Ansible
by Edgar Latorre

Librato Collectd Integration
by Rhodri Pugh

Nested Variable Inheritance with Ansible
by Earl Robinson

For Beginners

Linux Tutorial: Install Ansible Configuration Management and IT Automation Tool
by nixCraft

Security Hardening with Ansible
by Mark Dotson

Ansible Updates

Tower 2.0: Supercharging the Ansible Experience
by Michael DeHaan

Ansible and Unifying all the Security Projects
by Michael DeHaan

1.8 "Everybody Wants Some" - Active Deployment

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Ansible, Inc.

August 27, Free On-Line Webinar > Ansible Tower 2.0 Live Demo

October 14, San Francisco, CA > AnsibleFest 2014 San Francisco

On-Line Events

September 22, On-Line Webinar > Cumulus Networks + Ansible Webinar

North America

August 22, Orlando, FL > Day Camp 4 Developers: Virtualizing Development

August 27, Austin, TX > Ansible Meetup

August 27, Emeryville, CA > Ansible Action Plugins

September 2, Portland, OR > Development with Ansible and VMs

September 16, New York, NY > Ansible workshop

September 18, Chicago, IL > DevOps and Continuous Delivery: Monitor-driven infrastructure Development using Ansible

October 1, Poughkeepsie, NY > Ansible


September 8, Amsterdam, Netherlands > Ansible Amsterdam: Getting acquainted

September 11, London, UK > Inaugural London Ansible Meetup

October 4-5, Zagreb, Croatia > WebCamp Zagreb 2014: Ansible, just orchestrate it

November 10–12, Mannheim, Germany > Continuous Lifecycle 2014: Automatisieren mit Ansible

East Asia

September 22, Tokyo, Japan > Ansible Meetup


Via Muhammad Shoaib

/ Tried ansible for the first time. Mind   \
| blown! If only I had it back when I used |
\ to manage datacentres.                   /
         \   ^__^ 
          \  (oo)\_______
             (__)\       )\/\
                 ||----w |
                 ||     ||