Ansible Weekly: Borg Cow says: You will be assimooolated.

September 4, 2014 - Issue 48


Techniques for Versioning Ansible II (also see Part I)
by Will Thames

Ansible & Windows - Running a Basic Installer
by Damon Overboe

Ansible & Windows - Timeouts, Stack Overflows, Out of Memory
by Damon Overboe

Create Ansible Playbook on GitHub to Build Mesos Clusters
by Frank Hinek

Waiting for SSH
by Craig Marvelley

Community Code

Huge contribution of debian-based roles to Galaxy by DebOps (Maciej Delmanowski and friends - formerly the ginas project).

These are very new, but they're actively writing up some introductory content explaining the roles and related tools.

Fun Read

YAML Best Practices for Ansible Playbooks - Tasks
(a follow-up post on the recent YAML Formatting Best Practices - Tasks with Many Params discussion)
by Server


Development with Ansible & VMs
by Jeff Schenck

Ansible & Cumulus Networks - Simplify Network Automation
by Cumulus Networks

Hello Ansible: A Story about Infrastructure Agility
by Baraa Basata (behind email-wall / with 53 min audio)

Ansible Updates

Some of Our Favorite Ansible Galaxy Content
by Dan London

1.8 "Everybody Wants Some" - Active Deployment

New modules:

For more details, see the CHANGELOG.


Ansible, Inc.

October 14, San Francisco, CA > AnsibleFest 2014 San Francisco

On-Line Events

September 22, On-Line Webinar > Cumulus Networks + Ansible Webinar

North America

September 8, Austin, TX > Ansible Tech Talk & QA Perspective on DevOps Panel

September 16, New York, NY > Ansible workshop

September 16, San Francisco, CA > Kafka in production + config with Ansible

September 18, Chicago, IL > DevOps and Continuous Delivery: Monitor-driven infrastructure Development using Ansible

September 24, Austin, TX > Ansible Hackathon

September 24, Arlington, VA > Configuration Management and Application Deployments with Ansible

September 25, Durham, NC > TriPython September 2014 Meeting: Ansible

October 1, Poughkeepsie, NY > Ansible


September 8, Amsterdam, Netherlands > Ansible Amsterdam: Getting acquainted

September 11, London, UK > Inaugural London Ansible Meetup

September 16, Paris, France > First Ansible-Paris Meetup with Michael DeHaan

September 16, Leeds, UK > LeedsDevops: September 2014 Meetup

September 25, Lindon, UK > Boost Your Ruby Stack's Signal with Ansible

September 25, Osimo, Italy > Automation night

October 4-5, Zagreb, Croatia > WebCamp Zagreb 2014: Ansible, just orchestrate it

October 23, Helsinki, Finland > 3rd OpenStackFin User Group meetup

November 10–12, Mannheim, Germany > Continuous Lifecycle 2014: Automatisieren mit Ansible

East Asia

September 22, Tokyo, Japan > Ansible Meetup

New Zealand

September 12–14, Wellington, New Zealand > Kiwi PyCon 2014: Deploying test and production systems with Ansible


Via Bart Spaans

/ What's your favourite configuration    \
\ management tool and why is it Ansible? /
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