Ansible Weekly: Borg Cow says: You will be assimooolated.

Oct 24, 2013 - Issue 5

Kelsey Hightower has earned a bronze statue of himself riding a horse that will be placed prominently in the AnsibleWorks' formal gardens. Here's the inspirational artwork he provided to guide them:

Kelsey Hightower earns his horse wings.


AnsibleFest was this week and had a great turnout of over 100 enthusiasts in the venue generously provided by Rackspace. Some really epic presentations too!

Jesse Keating presenting at AnsibleFest

"Ansible --turbo", Keeping Ansible fast in large scale environments
Ever wonder how to keep Ansible fast when working with over 10,000 servers? Then this is for you! By Jesse Keating

New Google Compute Engine Ansible Modules
Eric gave a great preview of the upcoming modules. He also demonstrated spinning up 1000 server instances in GCE which took only 3 and 1/2 minutes! Impressive speed at that scale. By Eric Johnson

Packer's Ansible Local Provisioner (and README)
This is the work that secured Kelsey's immortal shrine in the AnsibleWorks gardens. By Kelsey Hightower

(More from the fest will be highlighted in the future as the projects/decks/posts/etc get posted online...)


Deploying Highly Available OpenShift Origin Clusters with Ansible
By Benno Joy

A Key/Value Store for Shared Configuration: etcd, confd
By Jan-Piet Mens

Getting Started With Ansible for a Django Project
By Manoj Mahalingam

Upcoming in Ansible

New in 1.4 devel:

For more on the features upcoming in the 1.4 "Could This Be Magic" release, see the devel branch's CHANGELOG.

Community Code

Graphite and Statsd with Ansible
Also discusses some upcoming improvements to the DigitalOcean module. By Drew Michel

Ghost Blogging Platform via Packer on Ubuntu
This is a great example of taking existing manual install instructions and converting them to Ansible. By Chas Ballew.

Build a Graphite Server Using Ansible
Another example of converting shell commands to Ansible - it's exciting to see this happening more and more. By Alex Williams

One-liner to distribute your ssh key via Ansible's inventory.
By Justin Garrison


Nov 3, Washington DC > LISA

Nov 5, Washington DC > DevOps DC Meetup

Nov 12, Las Vegas > AWS re:Invent


"You gotta love Ansible for its simplicity."
-Patrick Debois (who coined the term "DevOps")

________________________________ / You gotta love Ansible for its \ \ simplicity. / -------------------------------- \ ____________ \ |_______| / /\ / / \ /_____//| | | | | ==\ /== | | | O O | \ \ | | < | \ | /| | \ \ / | ____/ | / / / /| | / /| /||| | /||\/ -------------|
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/ _>

Happy Halloween! As you can see, Cow is dressed as a somewhat menacing-looking carton of milk for the holiday.