Ansible Weekly: Borg Cow says: You will be assimooolated.

October 2, 2014 - Issue 52

Ansible Weekly just had its 1-year anniversary!

Some stats for anyone interested:

That's about 260 man hours this year! It's been a great side-project to keep up with the community and share what's new :) Thanks especially to those who sent in articles, events, etc!

As my interests evolve, I'm spending more and more time with tools that complement Ansible, but aren't directly related (Terraform, Docker, Monit, etc), so I'm thinking of expanding the scope of the newsletter to include sections on other excellent system tools. If I do this, the name would change from "Ansible Weekly" to something more broad and I'd have separate sections for the different tools. The 'Events' section rarely gets even a single click, so I'll likely discontinue that.

I'd love to continue providing a useful newsletter, but need to evolve it so that it's worth the time investment every week. Fortunately, Ansible Inc has hired a ton of great folks this year and is providing more and more resources around Ansible events and announcements, so you can find those resources through them.

Any helpful suggestions are welcome! I can't promise anything, but if there's a consensus towards a certain direction, I'll consider including it. My goal is to include only the most interesting and useful content, and I think this direction will help me do that better.




Quick Ref: Ansible Parameters and Special Variables
by Lorin Hochstein

Official Ansible Content on Docker Hub
by Michael DeHaan

Update Hosts via Ansible to Mitigate bash "Shellshock" Vulnerability
by Alan Orth

Installing NodeRed using Ansible
by Oliver Smith

Getting Started with Ansible-Oracle
by Mikael Sandström

How We Use AWS, Ansible, and Packer to Make Deployment Awesome
by Dmitri Gaskin

For Beginners

Ansible Quick Start - A Brief Introduction
by Ryan Eschinger

Ansible Updates

1.8 "Everybody Wants Some" - Active Deployment

Notable changes:

For more details, see the CHANGELOG.


Ansible, Inc.

October 14, San Francisco, CA > AnsibleFest 2014 San Francisco

Also see the Interactive map of Ansible events

North America

October 7, Los Angeles, CA > Breaking up with your datacenter (and moving to AWS)

October 11, Corvallis, OR > DevOps DayCamp

October 13, Fort Collins, CO > Throwdown: Ansible vs. Salt

October 15, Los Angeles, CA > Kickoff meeting

November 22–23, Toronto, Canada > Scaling EventMobi: From Monolithic PHP to Distributed Python Microservice Architecture

October 23, San Francisco, CA > Configuration Management and Orchestration for AWS: Salt or Ansible

October 25, Seattle, WA > Seattle GNU/Linux Conference: Getting things done with Ansible

October 29, Austin, TX > Ansible Meetup


October 4-5, Zagreb, Croatia > WebCamp Zagreb 2014: Ansible, just orchestrate it

October 6 Copenhagen, Denmark > 7th meetup

October 17, Bordeaux, France > [CONF] RUN | PROVISION | DEPLOY - Your Workstation in Production

October 22, Cork, Ireland > Kickoff meeting

October 23, Helsinki, Finland > 3rd OpenStackFin User Group meetup

October 29, Helsinki, Finland > Hello Ansible

November 10–12, Mannheim, Germany > Continuous Lifecycle 2014: Automatisieren mit Ansible

November 20, Cardiff, United Kingdom > Unified Diff


October 22, Johannesburg, South Africa > Continuous Delivery with Ansible, Maven and Jenkins


Via Jason Staten

/ Ansible has done pretty well for us. \
| Being able to run a single command   |
| against all servers made patching    |
\ shellshock simple.                   /
         \   ^__^ 
          \  (oo)\_______
             (__)\       )\/\
                 ||----w |
                 ||     ||