Briefs on Ansible

February 23, 2015 - Issue 54

Wow, the community has been producing a ton of great content lately. There was at least twice what you see here, but I tried to boil it down to just the top items so that it's not too overwhelming! -Matt

AnsibleFest London 2015 Highlights

Interview with Saïd Ziouani, CEO of Ansible, Inc
by Adrian Bridgwater

What's New in v2
by James Cammarata, Ansible, Inc

Hacking Ansible
by Brian Coca, Ansible, Inc

The Devs are Ops-ing (and It isn’t Painful)
by Ali Asad Lotia, Blue Newt
(interesting use-case of American Football player motion-tracking systems)

How Rackspace is Deploying OpenStack with Ansible
by Walter Bentley, Rackspace

Cool Tips

Generating Web Docs for Ansible Modules
by Jason Edelman

Ansible-lint for Playbooks
by Jonathan Frappier

Generating Config Files with Ansible and Jinja2
by Markus Klinga

Featured Code

A New DNS Lookup-Plugin for Ansible
by Jan-Piet Mens

CloudStack router inventory script
by René Moser

Ansible Health Check Module
by Nadav Samet

Workflows (Docker, Jenkins, & friends)

Continuous Integration, Delivery or Deployment with Jenkins, Docker and Ansible
by Viktor Farcic

Automated Servers and Deployments with Ansible & Jenkins
by Chris Free

Deploying Docker containers with Ansible
by Markus Klinga

Installing / Running Stuff

Provision Tor Relays with Ansible
by Daniel Perez Alvarez

Deploying Splunk Securely with Ansible Config Management – Part 2 also see Part I
by Jose Hernandez

Installing Logentries Using Ansible
by Richard van den Brand

Setting up WordPress on LAMP with Vagrant and Ansible
by Masashi Imabeppu

Vagrant Box for RESTHeart
by softinstigate

Installing the LEMP Stack on Ubuntu using Ansible
by Arbab Nazar

Load Testing MongoDB with Sysbench-mongodb and Ansible
by Kenny Gorman

MySQL Backup to Rackspace Cloud Files
by Walter Bentley

MS Windows

Ansible Windows and Powershell
by Jon Hawkesworth (presented at AnsibleFest London)

DSC + Ansible
by Trond Hindenes

Getting up and running with Ansible and DSC
by Trond Hindenes

For Beginners

Vagrant Provisioning with Ansible
by Erika Heidi

Ansible, Just Use It
by Bramus Van Damme

Ansible - Introduction
by Stephane Manciot

Automating IT infrastructure with Ansible - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
by Yohan Wadia

Ansible Updates

1.8.4 "You Really Got Me" - Feb 19, 2015

1.8.3 "You Really Got Me" - Feb 17, 2015

For more details, see the CHANGELOG.


Via Alan Show

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