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March 5, 2015 - Issue 55

Just in time for the weekend. Thanks again for all the great articles and tips - some great stuff in this issue :)

Cool Tips

Using Filters to Wrangle Registered Variables with Ansible
by Preston Marshall

Always Running Ansible Tasks
by Brian Brazil

Validate Ansible Templates!
by Jan-Piet Mens

Secrets with Ansible: Ansible Vault and GPG
by Vallard Benincosa

How do I Configure Environment Variables in Ansible
by Paulo Poiati

Check a Command's Return Codes to Determine Action
by Christoph Körner (original title "Install .deb Packages in Ansible")

Book Updates

Ansible for DevOps
by Jeff Geerling

Install / Manage Things

Setting up GlusterFS with Ansible
by Jeff Geerling

OSPF Lab Provisioning on IOS with Ansible
by Marius Cornea

Managing VMware vSphere Guests with Ansible Tower
by Mark Phillips

Securing a Server with Ansible
by Ryan Eschinger

Installing the Samba Server on Ubuntu using Ansible
by Arbab Nazar

Using Ansible to Deploy CloudStack
by Paul Angus (slides)

Network Nerds

Network Automation with Cisco Nexus Switches & Ansible
by Jason Edelman

Ansible, Cumulus, Dell & Nutanix: One Big Happy Family - Part 1
by Doug Youd

Programmatic Access to CLI Driven Devices with TextFSM
by Jason Edelman

For Beginners

Getting Started with Ansible
by Patrick Ogenstad

How to Automate Enterprise Application Monitoring with Ansible
by Martin Etmajer

Fun Read

How Ansible Scaled their Opensource Community
by Chris Ueland interview with MDH


#vBrownBag: Getting Started with Ansible and vCenter
Also see the Examples
by Jonathan Frappier (~52 min)

How to automate Big Data with Ansible
by Marius Boeru (~32 min, from AnsibleFest London)

Ansible Updates

"We're going to be cutting the RC1 release for 1.9 next week..."
by James Cammarata

For more details, see the CHANGELOG.


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