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March 19, 2015 - Issue 56

If you haven't updated your OpenSSL yet, be sure to do it ASAP!


Ansible Deployments Visualized with a Raspberry Pi Cluster
by Jeff Geerling

Cool Tips

Creating Native Packages the Lazy Way
by Osvaldo Toja (note: FPM is amazing, highly recommend)

Jinja Errors when Running Ansible Tasks
by George Boobyer

Updating Docker Containers with Ansible
by Markus Klinga


Ansible Static Dynamic Inventory
by Evan Tahler

Harness the Power of PuppetDB with Ansible’s Dynamic Inventory
by David Moreau Simard

Deploying Splunk Securely with Ansible – Part 2 also see Part 1
by Jose Hernandez (mostly covers EC2 dynamic inventory)


Deploying Ruby on Rails Applications with Ansible
by Andrey Chernih

Rebuilding Capistrano with Ansible
by Evan Tahler

Slides: How Stuffle Uses Docker for Deployments
by Robin Brandt

Slides: Deploying On-Prem as SaaS: Why we go with Ansible
by Martin Etmajer

Install Stuff

Installing the VNC Server on Ubuntu using Ansible
by Arbab Nazar

Video: htpc-ansible: Quick Installation and Overview
by Gregory Shulov (~ 3 min) code

How to Use ngrok with Bedrock-Ansible
by James DiGioia


Static Networking in Ansible the Quick and Dirty Way
by Simon Lyall

Ansible, Cumulus, Dell & Nutanix: One Big Happy Family :) – Part2
by Doug Youd

by Tyler Christiansen


Deploying Nested ZNC Services with Ansible
by Doug Hellmann

Ansible Role for OpenStack Development
by Doug Hellmann


Testing Ansible Roles, Part 1 and Part 2
by Michel Blanc

Testing Configuration Files before they Go Live - with Ansible
by George Boobyer

For Beginners

Ansible Roles for Python Developers
by Doug Hellmann

Video: Secrets In Source Control: Ansible Vault
by Andrew Lorente (~ 25 min)

Ansible Updates

1.9 "Dancing In the Street" - ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT

For more details, see the CHANGELOG.