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April 2, 2015 - Issue 57

Still up for totally dumb jokes? Yes? Great!
Then, I'm introducing the new newsletter mascot: Cowlvin Klein!

April Fools (I know, I know)

New European 'fork' of Ansible called 'Ensible'
by Inuits (look at the source code to get the joke)

Cool Tips

Extending Ansible (plugins, wrapping in Python, etc)
by Tyler Turk

Ansible Filters for Taming Lists (Part 1)
by George Boobyer

Fast Caching Facts Ansible
by Erik-Jan Riemers

Install Stuff

Installing Zabbix-Agent with Ansible
by Werner Dijkerman

Ansible Playbook – GlusterFS – Apache
by Larry Smith Jr.


Getting Started with Juniper and Ansible
by Kirk Byers

Spinning Stuff Up

Creating Development Environments with Vagrant and Ansible
by Steve Edson

Creating vSphere VM’s using Ansible
by Larry Smith Jr.

Stuff Working Together

Continuous Deployment Using Ansible, Docker, SQS and TeamCity
by Ben Whaley

Presentiation: Ansible + Drupal + Raspberry Pi Dramble
also Lessons Learned building the Raspberry Pi Dramble
by Jeff Geerling (includes slides and video)

Opbeat Release Tracking with Ansible
by Danilo Bargen

Ceph Rolling Upgrades with Ansible
by Sebastien Han

Recent Articles

Auto testing and validating the Ansible STIG Role for Red Hat 6
also DISA STIG Remediation: Automagically
by Jonathan Davila

Top 5 Best and Worst Attributes of Ansible
by ScriptRock

Lessons from Using Ansible Exclusively for 2 Years
by Corban Raun

For Beginners

Getting Started with Ansible in 5 Minutes
by Ronan Berder

Quick and Dirty Guide to Deploying Go Apps
by Chris Saunders

Ansible and Facts How to Use them
by Luca Francesca


Integrating Docker, Jenkins, and Ansible in Production
by André Christ

Micro Services Infrastructure with AWS and Ansible
by Bamdad Dashtban

Ansible Updates

Another Cool (last-minute) Ansible v2 Feature
by James Cammarata

Ansible 1.9.0 Released
by James Cammarata

1.9.0 Highlights:

1.9.0 New Modules:

For more details, see the CHANGELOG.


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