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April 16, 2015 - Issue 58

Quick tip for the youtube videos: Use the html5 player and increase the playback speed to watch them in a fraction of the time.

Featured Talk

Video: Achieving Continuous Delivery: An Automation Story
by James Cammarata, Ansible Inc's Dir of Core Eng (~37 min)

Cool Tips

Ansible Pattern: Using Wrappers to Parameterize Generic Roles
by Evan Stoner

Get Ansible to Wait for SSH
by Tom Ellis

Testing Ansible Idempotency
by Tyler Turk

Being a Star in Galaxy
by Ramon de la Fuente

Recent Articles

How to Create Reusable Ansible Components
by Tjelvar Olsson

Running Ansible Programmatically
by Chris Fidao

Deploying Bedrock Sites (replacing capistrano with ansible)
by Scott Walkinshaw

Ansible Meetup Talks @ Knowlarity
by Rohit Gupta, Ravdeep Pasricha, Adi Krishnan, Hussain Nagri, Deepak Kumar Gupta


Managing Master/Slave Zones on PowerDNS with Ansible
by Jan-Piet Mens

Video: Using Ansible for Cisco ACI Deployment
by Joel W. King (~7 min)

Getting Ansible to Talk to your Cisco Devices
by Patrick Ogenstad

Install Stuff

Build a hybrid mobile app with Ionic, Cordova, Node.js, MongoDB, Redis, Ansible and Vagrant part I and Part II
by Martin Micunda

Ansible for Server Monitoring
via Will Hall Online (shows how to install Monit)

Docker + Ansible = Happiness!
by Alex Madrossan

Amazon Web Services

Dry Run CloudFormation Updates Using Ansible
by Zac Stevens

Cleaning up Nameless EC2 Instances with Ansible
by Adam Johnson

For Beginners

How to Create Automated and Reproducible Work Flows for Installing Scientific Software
by Tjelvar Olsson

Video: Configuration Management with Ansible: A Whirlwind Tour
by tutoriaLinux (~20 min)

Ansible Updates

Fun Highlights:

Update Twilio Module for MMS & Multiple Message Recipients
by Matt Makai

Sendgrid API Notifications Module
by Matt Makai

Hat tip also to René Moser for the new cloudstack modules and cove for the new zabbix modules below!

Upcoming in 2.0

big_ip modules now support turning off ssl certificate validation (use only for self signed).

Template code now retains types for bools and Numbers instead of turning them into strings (if you need the old behaviour, quote the value and it will get passed around as a string).

New Modules:

New Inventory scripts: fleetctl

For more details, see the CHANGELOG.


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