Briefs on Ansible

May 12, 2015 - Issue 59

Cool Tips

Ansible and Dynamic Inventory
By Kirk Byers

A Worked Example of Role Versioning
By Will Thames

Nicer Ansible Output for Puppet Tasks
by Christian Zunker

Ansible Vault

Encrypting passwords using Ansible's Vault
by Kirk Byers

OpenSSL the Ansible Vault.. using PBKDF2
by Peter Mosmans


Windows is Coming? Windows is Here!
via Bill Nottingham


Ansible and Docker
by Ash Wilson

Video: Ansible and Docker to Deploy a Wordpress Site
by Joshua Johanan (~8 min)

New Platform

Apollo: Open source project for building IAAS and PAAS services.
by Graham Taylor


Ansible Tower in the Software Development Lifecycle
by Dave Johnson


Video: Practical Network Automation Using Python and Ansible
by Kirk Byers (free, but requires registration)

Arista and Ansible using pyeapi
by Kirk Byers

Restarting Network Interfaces in Ansible
by Earl Ruby

How to Manage Firewalls using Ferm and Ansible
by Tjelvar Olsson


Vagrantified Android Appium Provisioned with Ansible
by Shashikant Jagtap

Install Stuff

Playbook for Installing the GBrowse Genome Browser
by Tjelvar Olsson

Provisioning Gluster Servers with Ansible
by RJ Nowling

Ansible Updates

René Moser has been very busy adding new cloudstack modules :)

1.9.1 "Dancing In the Street" - Apr 27, 2015

For more details, see the CHANGELOG.


via Ameen Ali

/ Why didn't I start using Ansible earlier?    \
\ The amount of time it saves is unbelievable. /
       \   ^__^
        \  (oo)\_______
           (__)\       )\/\
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