Briefs on Ansible

May 28, 2015 - Issue 60

Cool Tips

Vagrant and Ansible for Local Development
by Nick Hammond

Ansible Roles Explained in Practice
by John DeConty

Making Ansible a Bit Faster
by Adam Johnson


What I Learned from a Year using Ansible Extensively
by Martin Rusev

My Experience of using NixOps as an Ansible User
by Gautier Hayoun


Transparent Encryption with Ansible Vault Revisited
by Michel Blanc

Multi-factor SSH Auth

Securing SSH to Amazon EC2 Linux Hosts
by AWS Activate


Automating Cisco IOS
by Kirk Byers

Video: Managing a Network Switch with Ansible
by Abhinav Modi


Automating Your Automation with Ansible Tower
by Jeff Geerling


Using Ansible and Jenkins to Check for Stale iNodes
by Miguel Jacq (Shows using Jenkins as cron replacement for automating Ansible runs)

Video: Vagrant + Ansible + Appium at BBC
by Shashikant Jagtap

Continuous Deployment with Gradle and Docker – Production Deploy
by Tobias Gesellchen


Slides: Testing Ansible Roles with Test Kitchen, Serverspec and RSpec
by Martin Etmajer

Provisioning on AWS

Painless Immutable Infrastructure with Ansible and AWS
by Gavin Davies

Building Auto Healing Clusters with AWS and Ansible
by Deepak Mohandas

Install Stuff

Installing OS-Ansible-Deployment on a So you Start Server
via boompty boomp

Install Cloudera Prerequisites with Ansible
by Giovanni Sciortino

Provisioning Postgres via Vagrant and Ansible
by James Hughes


Simple OpenStack Collaboration Day Recap
by Greg DeKoenigsberg

Easy Installation of a New Stack with OpenStack Ansible Deployment (OSAD)
by Richard Jones

Video: Hold my Beer and Watch this! Upgrading from Havana to Juno in One Fell Swoop with Live Customers
via OpenStack Foundation

Video: Deploying OpenStack with Ansible and slides
by Kevin Carter


Ansible Code Smells
by Evan Stoner (survey for Evan's future blog post on the topic)

For Beginners

A practical guide to Ansible
by Ulas Turkmen

Bootstrapping Servers into Ansible
by Scott Lowe

A Simple Presentation of Ansible
by Theodoros Ploumis

Ansible 101
by Allan Denot

Ansible Updates

1.9.2 "Dancing In the Street" - TBD

1.9.1 "Dancing In the Street" - Apr 27, 2015

For more details, see the CHANGELOG.


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