Briefs on Ansible

June 12, 2015 - Issue 61

Quick Note:
DevOpsU is transitioning to the name VALDHAUS.
I loved the "devops" term in the beginning, but the definition drifted further and further away from what I was actually doing, which is more purely "Automating Systems". So I've gone with a name that will be a bit more versatile.
The new domain is:

AnsibleFest Highlights

Slides: V2 and Beyond
by James Cammarata

Slides: Ansible Tips & Tricks
by Brian Coca

Overviews: Inside Ansible 2.0 / Docker, OpenStack, Etc
by Rob Marvin


Slides: Network Automation with Ansible
by Jason Edelman

Video: NAPALM: Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor Support
by Elisa Jasinska (BigWave), David Barroso (Spotify), (~40 min)


Testing Roles using Vagrant and TravisCI
by Manuel Tiago Pereira


The Marriage of Ansible and Docker
by Thomas Steinbach

Managing Docker
by Billie Thompson


Using Stackforge/OS-Ansible-Deployment to Review OpenStack Patches
by Ian Cordasco

Video: Learn you Some Ansible for Great Good!
via OpenStack Foundation (~42 min)

Video: OpenStack Stackforge Ansible Deployment, SUSE's Cloud 5 & Storage
via OpenStackDC DC (~2h 15min, audio is a bit rough)

Slides: Deploy OpenStack with Ansible (OSAD)
by Walter Bentley

Install Stuff

Install Oracle with Ansible
by René van Wijk

How to Deploy an Advanced PHP Application using Ansible on Ubuntu 14.04
by Stephen Rees-Carter


Playbooks to start full AWS VPC infrastructure, EC2, RDS, etc
by Aleksandar N.

EC2 Auto Scaling with Ansible
by Tom Bamford

Structuring Roles

Graduating Past Playbooks
by Rob McQueen


Video: Ansible Project Deploy
by Ramon de la Fuente (~27 min)


Using Vagrant to Help Learn Ansible
by Scott Lowe

Automatic Ansible Inventory with Vagrant
by Scott Lowe

For Beginners

Video: Ansible for Drupal Infrastructure
by Jeff Geerling (~58 min)

Ansible Basic Usage and Common Issues Encountered
by John Deconti

Video: How Ansible Helps Backbase
by Pavel Chunyayev (~55 min)

Running Interactive Scripts with Ansible
by Jeremy Brown

Slides: Streamlined Local Development with Vagrant and Ansible
by Thijs Feryn

How to Use Ansible to Setup an App Server within 5 Mins
by Aamir Bhatt

Ansible Updates

2.0 is the big news - see the slides from James and the CHANGELOG for details.

Puppet now has its own module in Ansible thanks to Monty Taylor and René Moser - very cool!


via Sarah Zelechoski

/ you know what's cool? looking at someone \
| else's ansible code and thinking to      |
| yourself, "oh good, I do it that way     |
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