Briefs on Ansible

June 29, 2015 - Issue 62

Lorin Hochstein's New Book:
I had the privilege of being a reviewer for Lorin's book a few months ago. Really fantastic coverage of Ansible. I thought I knew Ansible inside and out, but I ended up learning quite a bit from the book. If you'd like to level-up your Ansible, it's well worth your time.

Cool Tips

Ansible and ChatOps. Get started
by Eugen C.

Use Yubikey and Password-Store for Ansible Credentials
by Steffen Vogel

Ansible Playbook to Create a Minimal Headless Raspberry PI
by Daniel Stinebaugh

Speed Up SSH Logon by Disabling GSSAPIAuthentication
by Alex Ross


Provision FreeBSD for (and with) Ansible
by Christoph Martel

Deploying Monitoring Tools with Ansible
by Grig Gheorghiu

Deploying a GlusterFS Storage Cluster on DigitalOcean
by Joseph D. Marhee


Slides: Using Ansible Vault to Protect your Secrets
by Dan Davis

Safely Storing Ansible Playbook Secrets
by Peter Mosmans


Openstack Heat & Ansible. VM Spinup and App Deployment
by Scott


Slides: Durham Meetup: Using Ansible for Cisco ACI deployment
by Joel King

My Journey with Ansible and Arista


Testing Ansible Roles with Test Kitchen
by Dan Tehranian

Under the Hood

Ansible Plugin for Timing Tasks
by Tom Paine

How to Write Ansible Module in Clojure
by Kamil Lelonek

Why Adding a .conf or .cfg File to /etc/sudoers.d doesn't Work
by Earl C. Ruby III

Ansible Module to List Groups in Inventory - Python
by Ahmed M. AbouZaid


Puppet to Ansible
by Ade Rixon


Install a Babun (Cygwin) Shell and Ansible for Windows
by Chris Gilbert

Ansible Updates

Ansible 1.9.2 Final Has Been Released and is now Available
by James Cammarata

Ansible Tower 2.2 ... Coming Soon!
by Bill Nottingham

For Beginners

A Practical Introduction to Ansible
by Ulas Turkmen

Slides: Fake IT, until you make IT
by Bas Meijer

A Simple How-to: Passing a loop to an Ansible role
by Roger Sherman

Slides: Automation Made Simple
by Erika Heidi

Slides: Ansible from Introduction to Amazon AWS
by Giovanni Albero

Preparing Ruby on Rails Production Server with Ansible: Part 1
by Bartek Głowacki