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August 8, 2017 - Issue 66

Cool Tools!

AnsibleCheck: 20 Docker images with Ansible pre-installed for easier testing of which Linux distros your playbooks/roles support. —Christopher Davenport

AnsibleSilo: Docker image that allows you to easily switch between Ansible versions. Live action demo. —Daniel Schroeder at Groupon

ARA: Ansible Run Analysis

Code / VideoDavid Moreau Simard

ARA is under very active development and quickly approaching 1.0 from what I can tell. To follow updates, David posts them regularly at @dmsimard.

New Release 0.14.0 - highlight: full python 3 support.

ARA Reddit Discussion - highlight: ARA just happens to be an OpenStack project but "ARA doesn't need or require OpenStack to run."

ARA Report from OpenStack - serves as a nice demo of the ARA output.

Ansible Updates

Ansible 2.3.2 RC5 Available for TestingJames Cammarata

"Significant improvements coming to the Ansible documentation about how stable releases are supported" —@dmsimard


Free eBooks

Network Automation with Ansible (email wall)Jason Edelman

Ansible Tower on AWS (kindle version)AWS Whitepapers

Winning Popularity Contests :-D

Ansible is #1 on Tripwire's 12 Indispensable DevOps Tools for 2017. —David Bisson

Ansible is in the top 3 "tools to learn over the next year" according to Packt’s Skill Up survey. —Richard Gall

For your pleasure...

Migrating the Runbook - A Journey from Legacy to DevOpsMark Phillips

Automating Network Devices with AnsibleRudolph Bott

Ansible to Manage AWS InfrastructureSiddheshwar More

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