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October 11, 2017 - Issue 68

My New KubeRocker Pro Newsletter

Hobbyists often fail at basic competency when it comes to securing and scaling containers in hostile real-world environments.

KubeRocker Pro keeps you on top of Docker, Kubernetes, and related tools in high scale, high security scenarios.

If you've followed my writing in the past, you know I've been wary of the early container movement due to the many issues with managing and securing containers in a production environment.

Fortunately, things have matured over the last few years and now we have tools like Kubernetes and Anchore that can solve a lot of those orchestration and security issues.

Check out the first issue: KubeRocker Pro, Issue 1

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Adam Miller Joins Ansible Core Dev Team

Ansible Updates

Docker Security with Anchore

Fun fact: Some of the Ansible co-founders are part of the Anchore founding team :-)

Anchore is a free open-source tool for security scanning Docker images so that critical vulnerabilities don't get introduced into your production systems.

If you provide DevOps services to clients, you should join me for an Anchore webinar next week on October 19th at 1pm EST.

Anchore Webinar

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