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Ops to Protect & Accelerate your Business Growth

In June 2014, Code Spaces, a successful multi-million dollar company with customers like Oracle, Macy's, and FedEx, shut down permanently after a catastrophic data loss. The fix that could have prevented the failure would have taken less than an hour to implement.

The same month, one of my clients sped up their deployment process by 60X and gained many more hours per week to focus on growing their business.

If you care about the protection and growth of your business, the Systems Speedup program may be for you.

What is it?

Systems Speedup is a systems audit and improvement program.

We work together to:

Incremental and Affordable

Each session we meet online and incrementally audit and improve your systems.

'Big Bang' systems projects are higher risk and far more expensive. With an incremental approach, this program is affordable and ensures that your systems don't suffer from dangerous neglect.

Protection First

The first priority is protecting your business by removing risks (security breaches, outages, data-loss, etc).

The second priority is optimizing your systems for business growth and performance (simplifying, automating manual processes, etc).

There's no point in optimizing systems for high performance if the business is exposed to catastrophic risks, so we fix those issues first.

Once your systems are protected to an acceptable level, then we move on to improving your systems so you can reach your business goals faster.

Basic Process

There are 2 parts to the Systems Speedup program:

1. Audit: We meet online to review your systems. We start with the most critical parts of your systems and determine the highest priority tasks that need to happen to protect/optimize them for that period.

2. Implement: I provide online strategic support. You (or your engineers) implement the actual changes to your systems.

This process gives you more secure, scalable systems while also:

Judgement Free

You don't need to worry about feeling embarrassed about your current systems when we work together. Your systems have gotten your business to where it is now. That's awesome just in itself. We don't worry about the past - our only aim is to evolve your systems to be even better at achieving your business goals.

That's the quick overview of the Systems Speedup Program, read on for more details...

Priority: Removing Risks

Which risks to your business are you not aware of?

In the tech news, we regularly hear about huge data breaches and long costly outages. And we only hear about the most prominent incidents - there are thousands of similar failures that occur at smaller companies that you never hear about.

Except for some of the most extreme DDOS attacks, most of these incidents are preventable. Often it was simple negligence that left these companies vulnerable.

While it's not possible to eliminate 100% of risk, you can still protect your business against the most serious vulnerabilities and keep your company in a pretty safe place.

In the dozens of systems audits I've done, I've never encountered a business without multiple serious vulnerabilities. Fortunately, the fixes are usually simple and cheap - they just need to be implemented.

Systems for protecting your business

The approach is simple, but often neglected because it can be tedious to do. Fortunately, we focus on automating everything we can so it only needs to be done once.

It's far better to implement these protections now than to later have to write an embarrassing email to your customers about how your company neglected the basics and lost their data (or worse).

Secure everything that matters

No security is perfect. But there's a big difference between using a vault to protect your valuables and leaving them in a paper bag in the middle of the street.

Backup everything that matters

Backing up essential data and security credentials is simple and cheap, yet is one of the most neglected activities. Naturally, backups must also be verified regularly to ensure they can be restored when needed.

Monitor everything that matters

The systems supporting your business are made up of many critical parts. Do you know immediately if one goes down? Even better, do you have automated processes that can take corrective action if a key system fails?

Priority: Accelerating Growth

Are you spending 5-50X more than you should?

Tech companies often pay drastically different amounts for the exact same results.

One of my medium-size clients was able to save over $225,000 per month after fixing some critical issues with their systems. Not only were they saving a ton of money, but their systems were also faster, more stable, and more secure.

Any unnecessary money and time you're spending on your systems is wasted. Think of what you could do with that same money and time if it were instead directed at growing your actual business.

Systems for rapidly growing your business

The most technically impressive systems in the world are worse than useless if they don't support your business goals.

For rapid business growth, we'll focus on making your systems:


Every dollar you save on your systems can be put towards growing your business.

Every minute you save on your systems can be put towards growing your business.


Simple systems are, by nature, systems that can be quickly understood, easily secured, and scaled up fast.

Complexity is often a money pit that leads to a hell of slowness, bugs, and vulnerabilities.

Eventually more complexity is required as your customer base grows, but we'll manage it carefully and avoid it for as long as we can.


It would be a huge mistake for a restaurant to focus their time and money innovating on their plumbing. Instead, the best restaurants install simple standard plumbing that is stable and requires little intervention. That way they can spend their time and money on what really matters - the actual restaurant experience (food, service, decor, etc)!

It's the same for web companies and their systems.

Use mature, well-documented, well-supported tools. That leads you to systems that just work and allow you to focus on your actual business goals.

Your competitive advantage

The companies that have cheap, simple, robust systems have a HUGE advantage over their competitors. While others are spending 5-50X more than you and moving 5-50X slower, you'll be running circles around them.

Successful teams agree

You don't have to take my word for it, read what others have to say:

"A large part of how we’ve been able to scale Instagram with very few engineers is by choosing simple, easy-to-understand solutions that we trust."
"1) Keep it very simple 2) Don’t re-invent the wheel 3) Go with proven and solid technologies when you can."

Instagram, scaled to $1 Billion with a tiny team of engineers

"Prefer tools that are: mature; really good and simple; well known and liked; well supported; consistently good performers; failure free as possible; free."

Pinterest, scaled to $2.5 Billion with a tiny team of engineers

"Keep it simple! Simplicity allows you to rearchitect more quickly so you can respond to problems."
"#1 rule: Keep it simple and cheap."

YouTube, scaled to $1 Billion with a small team of engineers

Systems Speedup Program Details

An alternative to 'Big Bang' projects

An intensive full-time project to audit and update a company's systems costs at least $30,000-$300,000 and can take many months depending on the scope.

It's a great solution for companies with deep pockets and full-time systems engineers who can vigilantly maintain the systems afterwards.

However, 'Big Bang' projects aren't a good fit for everyone.

Many companies can get a lot more out of having a continuous program for securing and improving their systems.

The Systems Speedup program is designed for that purpose.

A prioritized incremental approach

In Systems Speedup, every session we determine the greatest risks to your systems and the greatest opportunities for improvement. Then we make an implementation plan for the highest priority items.

This cycle of improvement ensures that your systems never fall into neglect and peril.

Key Benefits

Those last 2 points are particularly important. There's a ton of terrible systems advice out there. Often it is well meaning and supported by elaborate justifications, but ultimately it's for the benefit of someone else and NOT your business.

I've seen too many companies struggle and die due to engineers neglecting the basics for their systems in order to chase shiny new tools that end up draining precious time and money. You'll find none of that nonsense here.

(Note: There's certainly a time and place for playing with the cool new tools, and the work we do together will result in freeing up a lot of time and resources so you can actually have more time for the fun stuff. We talk about exactly how to do this without putting your production systems and business speed at risk.)

Systems Speedup is a fixed cost program focused on one thing only - helping your business succeed.

Expert Advice

I'm Matt Jaynes and I've been consulting on development and operations projects since 1999. I've run teams at both billion dollar companies and small startups.

I've made or saved my clients well over $1 Billion dollars. Some of my past customers: Sony, CBS, Google, Intuit, Mensa, University of Maryland, Ansible, Whole Foods Market, VMWare, Bravo, Showtime, Maxim, American Cancer Society, and many more.

My focus is on helping you gain the maximum return-on-investment possible for your systems. I've done this for dozens of companies in 'Big Bang' projects and now I'm offering this service so you can have the same wins for a lower price.

Risk-free Trial

You can try the Systems Speedup program and if you're not satisfied for any reason, I'll refund you the full period's fee.

Cancel Anytime

There's no long-term contract and no commitment. Use Systems Speedup for as long as you need it and cancel when you're done.

Systems Speedup is for you if:

Systems Speedup is *not* for these folks:

What you get each session:

Don't risk company death or
being outdone by your competitors

If you care deeply about the success of your business, don't risk poor systems killing it or holding it back. Try Systems Speedup and even if you only do it for a short time, it will get your systems growing in the right direction.


Spots are limited to only a few customers at a time. To check availability, please email me at